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Corrugated Packaging |
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Corrugated Packaging

Containers for the Automotive Industry

They are an excellent alternative as backup packaging when metal racks, ropack and orbis containers are not available. They are usually made up of:
Double or triple corrugated box.
IVC bag. (anticorrosive)
Double or triple corrugated laminated partitions.
Corrugated cardboard pallet.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Inserts or Divisions

Splicing cardboard sheets with an optimal amount of glue, to manufacture triple corrugated boxes, heels or partitions with high load capacity.
Manufacturing capacity for regular slotted boxes, half slotted bottoms, strips/tubes, regular trays with a maximum printing of 2 inks.
Grits swaged, with accuracy and clean cuts, including large formats.

Cardboard Pallets

They are an excellent ecological and practical option for export purposes, since they do not generate larvae, therefore they do not require a heat treatment process for their elimination. Custom design measurements and with different types of bases: cardboard core, laminated cardboard bar, honeycomb.