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Honeycomb Panels |
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Technology in honeycomb manufacturing makes it possible to offer composite panels with excellent mechanical properties, lighter than conventional solid panels, providing benefits to industries such as aerospace, automotive, transportation and packaging.

What is it?

A 100% polypropylene panel with liners and core.

Why use it?

Honeycomb structures allows a significant weight reduction in the final product, while maintaining mechanical strength, and most importantly, it all translates into cost reduction for your project.


• Light
• Resistant
• Hydrophobic
• Does not generate fungi or
• Does not generate humidity
• Insulating properties,
thermal and acoustic


• Packing and Packaging
• Automotive
• Construction
• Display and POS
• Ground transportation
and aerial

Packaging and Transportation

Collapsible containers and boxes, with custom pads, top and bottom trays or lids. We develop each project tailored to your needs providing the best solution for your products.

Collapsible Boxes

The packages are designed for the specific needs and characteristic of each product. Collapsible panels make it easy to fold down for storage and recycling.

Custom Reinforced Containers

The reinforced containers can be manufactured in the required dimensions and with base and lid supports to be able to be stacked without the risk of damaging the product.

We are your best option in HPP

Honeycomb 5mm

Available weights:

1500 grs/m2

2000 grs/m2

2500 grs/m2

Honeycomb 9mm

Available weights:

1800 grs/m2

2800 grs/m2

3800 grs/m2

Honeycomb 30mm

Available weights:

3500 grs/m2

4500 grs/m2

5500 grs/m2

• Per customer request

• Maximum width 35”

• Maximum recommended length 236”

• UV Additives

• FR Additives

• Antistatic Additives