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Our products

Returnable packaging

We develop products that allow us to reuse them when they return to us.

Injected containers and boxes
  • We design and manufacture the dunnage to the measurements and needs, using various materials.

  • We have a wide variety of commercial sizes, colors and applications (ESD), screen printing, sealing and acrylic labels. 

Injected containers/Dunnage:

  • We design and manufacture the dunnage to the measurements and needs using different materials. 



  • Custom boxes, grilles, grilles with TST coating, different types of seals, tapas, bases and containers (collapsible option)

Dunagge fabrics

  • Tarpaulins and textiles: We are experts in the design, development, transformation and sale of fabric dunnage (Marina Coating).


  • We shape dunnage and packaging designs in thermoformed plastic.  

  • We work from 0.010 thousandths to 0.320 thousandths in any available thermoformable polymer such as:

    • Polystyrene, PET, PVC, ABS, Styrene, Acrylic, etc.

    • Personalized molds

Thermoformed pallets

  • Compressive strength at maximum load (Compression Test) 13,000kgs

  • Dimension:45 "x 48"

  • Bending strength at concentrated load (Bending Test) 1,000kgs

(We will be happy to evaluate special dimensions)

Metal racks and baskets (​Metalwork)
  • We design and manufacture metal racks for material handling.

  • Storage structures

  • Rolls, dunagge, dollies

  • Specially designed structures




  • Cartón plástico


  • Poliburbuja natural

  • Non Woven

  • Foam Laminado

  • Foam Natural

  • Esponja


  • Placa de polifoam

  • Eva

  • EPE

  • Esponja


  • Cinta

  • Cartón

  • Papel Kraft

  • Película Stretch

  • Bolsa de chetos

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