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Returnable Packaging |
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Returnable Packaging


We design packaging for the automotive industry primarily to increase efficiency in storage and transportation. Our materials provide adequate resistance, allow longer cycles of use and reduce the frequency of maintenance.

Dunnage for Containers

The packages are designed for specific needs and characteristics of each product.
The diversity in the combination of materials provides a greater benefit in the transportation of delicate pieces and the containment of each product.

Dunnage with Specialties

Non-Woven and Tyvek textiles offer benefits and features unmatched by other non-woven materials. It is resistant to tearing and its tension extends the dunnage’s durability.


We design structures according to your needs, guaranteeing optimal and safe storage and transportation.

Metal Racks

Starting with specialized programs, we offer a great variety in our design proposals; and we also develop proposals from sample parts provided by our customers.

We have a qualified Engineering and Design team enabling us to offer high quality and efficient proposals to engage in all types of projects.

Our manufacturing team has extensive experience, knowledge and creativity, as well as the technical equipment required to carry out each project.

Racks with Mesh

It is the most used material in automotive dunnage projects due to the versatility and variety of products on the market. We have the support of the best brands to offer mesh in different ounces, colors, and some with special additives as: antistatic, lacquered, retardant, antifungal, bonded, among others.


One-pieces construction that provides greater durability and larger load capacity.

Thermoformed Pallets

Thermoformed pallet is an economical alternative for conventional wooden pallets offering the following advantages:

  • Oval feet to limit the impact zones of containers
  • Weather resistant.
  • Drainage holes in the legs to eliminate water accumulation.
  • Hot-stamping labeling.
  • High durability.
  • Stackable

Thermoformed Trays

Trays with custom design for the packaging, transportation, use in production lines, the best complement in the automated assembly process.

Excellent resistance to abrasion and impact preventing damage to product. They comply with the regulations in the Automotive Industry.


Our wide variety of materials allows us to offer the appropriate packaging to meet the needs of each product, providing greater benefit in the transportation, containment and protection of each piece.

Collapsible Containers

Corrugated or honeycomb plastic sleeves, top and bottom trays collapsible for easy return, with high stackable resistance.

Foam, EDP, Crosslink, EVA, Non-Woven

We manufacture packaging with polyurethane foam inserts, EDP, Crosslink, EVA, versatile, with ergonomic designs that are easy and comfortable to use as it allows the packaging of any product regardless of its shape, size and weight.

We offer the best option in Returnable Packaging